3 little tips to keep the Winter Blues away.

In the southern hemisphere it’s that time of year.

The sniffles will set in for most of us no matter what we do.

So here is a 3 little tips to help you keep the Winter Blues away.

Drink lots of Water

Yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I am 100% sure of it.
Your body still loses moisture, not quite as much as during the hotter months but you would be surprised how much.
Heaters are roaring, inside vehicles and houses.
It’s harder to drink water when it’s cold outside, you won’t feel as thirsty, this creates it’s own lessening of moisture.

Keep your showers/baths normal temperature

It’s so tempting to turn up the temperature, you’re cold, your hands and feet especially.
DON’T do it.
Your skin will lose it’s protective layer of oils (no don’t scrunch your nose up at me this is so normal… it’s essential)
Your skin will end up getting drier and drier and you will need to use more and more moisturiser (if you even bother).

We can’t all have a gorgeous rainfall shower head but we can have a temperate shower

Essential Oils

Oh here it comes… the alternative in me is coming out.
There are so many reasons to use this amazing resource and not just during the Winter.
Lemon is something we use in our house all year round but in the winter a drop into some hot water with honey will help soothe a sore throat.

Tea Tree (aka Melaluca) WOW I consider this one of those oils I cannot live without, during the winter it’s wonderful to use with the Lemon around the house to get rid of those germs on surfaces, also can be used (diluted) topically with germs that come from outside the house.

Tea Tree, good for so much

Most of all you need a great “Protective Blend” this is one we use (diluted) on hands to cleanse, on the bottom of the feet before bed to help rid the body overnight of any bugs picked up during the day. We diffuse it throughout the house for a lovely fresh smell and clean bugs from the air and so much more.

I hope you find some of these tips helpful or would like to know more,
I would appreciate any questions or feedback you have please just comment or get in touch by the “Contact Me” form

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