30 Days from now…

Today I start something new with a small group of supportive friends.

7 days ago I had an idea. I was feeling AWESOME but still having tummy issues with bloating and not losing weight when I was dong EVERYTHING right.

SO after much reading and researching I decided to start on a Whole30 journey for the month of February

My journey begins today

It’s not some crazy diet where you have to buy strange ingredients or eat in a strange way.
It’s just simple, good, WHOLE food for 30 days.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a type of elimination diet.

For 30 days I eliminate a number of things but they are all things that could be causing my internal troubles and that’s what I want to find out.
Grains (all grains)
Processed Food
Added Sugars
and just a couple of other things.

For 30 days I eat Meat, Veg & Fruit… not so bad really when you think about some of the other crazy things that people put themselves through.

BUT remember this isn’t a crazy diet, it’s a way of resetting the body and also figuring out if things like Dairy or Grains are causing me issues.

There is a whole heap of information out there on the Whole30 program and I am grateful to all those people who share their information and recipes.

If you would like to join my friends and I in a low pressure, no judgement support group for the next 30 days we would love to have you.


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