6 Weeks of Awesome

I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks.

The first ever National (international really because it included New Zealand)

Body Transformation Challenge

I went into it with my mind open and ready for change.

To my Mind & Body.

Here is what happened…

It was an awesome 6 weeks, I learnt so much about making better choices, being prepared and how I am healthier and happier when I put in just a teeny bit of effort.

Between the fantastic group of coaches checking in every day with mindset, workouts and nutrition tips and the encouragement of everyone in the challenge I didn’t want the 6 weeks to end.

Don’t think it was all sunshine and roses.

I fell down… HARD… On more than 1 occasion.

What do I mean by this..

  • I skipped workouts, sometimes days in a row.

  • I ate naughty food sometimes daily

  • I ate processed foods… yes sometimes daily


I got right back into it and did my best NOT to repeat those mistakes.

What I learnt from the 6 weeks.

  • That I really do react to bread, pasta, rice & other processed carbs. (Even the multi-grain that we have in our house makes me bloat a little)

  • That I have a serious love of potatoes and need to swap white for sweet because the sweet are lower GI and don’t make me feel bloated.

  • That even just a little planning of my day and my food for the day makes a HUGE difference to my wellbeing and results.(‘m not even talking about a full meal plan, just making sure I have plenty of MY “good” foods on hand for my meals and snacks.)

  • It’s OK to be boring and have the same breakfast every day. I just love my brekkie shake so much, same thing every day, Vanilla or Choc shake with Peanut butter and Psyllium Husks¬†


I can see a change… Can you?

I hope you get something out of my experiences and sharing.

I would love for you to join me on the next one starting on 1 May.

Pop over HERE to register your interest & find out more.

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