AgeLoc Lumispa Cleansing Device

What is a LumiSpa?

The ageLOC LumiSpa is Nu Skin’s rechargeable, waterproof beauty device. Used together with the specially formulated LumiSpa treatment cleansers, it simultaneously treats and cleanses the face.  It’ll remove makeup, dirt, oil and debris. That helps to slow the appearance of the visible signs of ageing in your skin. You’ll see that youthful glow in no time.

1 STEP + 2 MINUTES = 7 BENEFITS The LumiSpa is the first dual-action skin care system in history that deep-cleanses and renews skin in just one step. It only takes two minutes to complete your treatment, and you can have softer, smoother skin after just one use! Plus, you’ll experience these seven important skin benefits with repeated use: visible skin renewal, smoothness, radiance, a more refreshed look, purified skin, minimised appearance of pores, and increased appearance of skin volume and density.

​GENTLE ENOUGH TO USE MORNING AND NIGHT Unlike other cleansing devices that use abrasive brush or bristle heads, the LumiSpa features gentle, hygienic silicone treatment heads that won’t damage your skin or lift skin cells. Instead, the LumiSpa treatment heads gently cleanse away dirt, make-up, and toxins using a unique counter-oscillating action that expertly removes dirt, oils, and dead cells from pores. In fact, the LumiSpa cleansing experience feels so good, you’ll be craving your next treatment!

CUTTING-EDGE OSCILLATION TECHNOLOGY The LumiSpa is the first and only device to feature patent-pending Micro-pulse Oscillation technology, which stimulates your skin for a more effective treatment and cleansing cycle. The soft silicone treatment head moves at the precise frequency needed to promote visible skin renewal, revealing smoother, softer skin after just one use.

POWERFUL ANTI-AGEING BENEFITS The LumiSpa works with skin-specific ageLOC treatment cleansers that maximise your beauty benefits. You can choose from five cleansers designed for dry, normal/combo, oily, acne or sensitive skin—each formulated using Nu Skin’s proprietary, ageLOC ingredient blend to target the sources of ageing and help you achieve healthy, youthful looking skin. Optimally designed for the LumiSpa, these treatment cleansers are proven to maximise its skin improving and cleansing benefits.

CLINICALLY PROVEN Results With three decades of skin care innovation behind them, Nu Skin has spent years working with a board-certified dermatologist and carrying out gene expression studies to make sure this system is engineered to perfection. Backed by clinical studies, the LumiSpa has been shown to be so effective that users experience some benefits instantly, as well as healthier, more luminous skin over time. From brighter, softer, smoother skin to the appearance of increased volume and hydration, people are seeing real, lasting results that intensify over time.

​How does it work?

With its soft silicone treatment head, ageLOC LumiSpa’s proprietary Micropulse Oscillation technology enables the device to move at the precise frequency needed to promote skin renewal, revealing smoother, softer skin after just one use.

How does it compare to other Cleansing Devices?

LumiSpa vs Alternatives 

LumiSpa Egg Yolk Test


Silicone Head

  • Embedded Silver Makes the Silicone Head far more hygienic then Bristle brushes
  • Easier to Wash and Clean
  • Soft and comfortable on the skin
  • Doesn’t pull hair or damage skin
  • Cleanses dirt, oil, makeup & toxins
  • Leaves skin smoother and pure
  • Removes dirt and minimises pores

Bristle Brush Treatment Head

  • Bristle brushes trap unhygienic substances and may harbour bacteria 
  • Difficult to Fully Clean
  • More abrasive and irritating
  • Can pull hair and cause discomfort 
  • Can spread dirt, oil, makeup & toxins
  • Uneven exfoliation can roughen skin
  • Can leave dirt and oil in pores

Treatment Heads

The LumiSpa features three Treatment Heads:

  • Normal – The Normal head comes as standard with the ageLOC LumiSpa Cleansing Kit, and is suitable for almost everyone.
  • Firm – This Silicone Head delivers a vigorous cleansing experience. Its firm texture makes it ideal for individuals with oily skin or those who tend to have a more resilient skin type.
  • Gentle – ​This is ideal for those with sensitive skin, together with the Activating Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, or those with blemish-prone skin in combination with the Activating Cleanser for Blemish Prone Skin.

Their gentle, nonabrasive silicone surfaces contain antimicrobial silver and are more hygienic than brushes commonly used with skin care devices. Their sophisticated design helps to maximize product efficacy while making skin more receptive to subsequent products applied to the skin. To get the best results and to practice good hygiene, NuSkin recommends replacing your Silicone Head every three months.


  • Takes only 2 minutes 
  • Removes all traces of Makeup
  • Collagen Regeneration
  • Deep Tissue Movement 
  • The Device is Waterproof
  • Minimises Pore Size
  • Eliminates Fine Lines
  • Reduces Wrinkles

How to Use?

Learn how to make the most of your ageLOC LumiSpa skin care device with this helpful demo! You can use your LumiSpa morning and night to have:
  • An energising facial massage 
  • Brighter, softer, smoother skin
  • Time-intensified skin renewal benefits 
The heads rotate at different frequencies with the intention of cleansing and exfoliating. Each cleansing session lasts two minutes- the device pauses every 30 seconds to indicate that it’s time to move onto another area of the face,
  1. Moisten your face with warm water and apply the Activating Cleanser that best suits your skin type. Wet the silicone head and turn on your device.
  2. Glide it slowly across your face in broad strokes. Don’t scrub or press too hard. The device will pause if you are misusing it. It will pause every 30 seconds. This is your cue to move to another area of your face. After 2 minutes, your device will switch off.
  3. ​Rinse your face with water and gently pat it dry, then apply any further skincare. For optimal results, use the ageLOC LumiSpa system for 2 minutes, twice per day.

​Finding the Best LumiSpa Option for you

Finding the best suited LumiSpa and Cleanser for you couldn’t be easier with the LumiSpa Skin Type Quiz

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