Goals & Big Dreams – Part 3

AKA – Get Real…

So… Dreams & Goals…
We all have them and they can be tricky, they can be heart-breaking, they can be scary as all hell and often we let them defeat us.

Today it’s all about us Network Marketers/MLM’ers…

What do we all want?

Rank advancement to the point where you have residual income replacing a traditional job……

Right about now you might be making a face like this

For a number of reasons you could feel a bit like this. I know that I often do but I always remind myself

One Bite at a time

So you’ve joined the “perfect” company, found the product that’s going to change people’s world.
It’s been a whole 3 months so why have you not made your six-figure income yet.
They promised….


Or did you lie to yourself???

So either someone told you, you would be making $1000 a week within a few weeks/months
You told yourself that.
Either way.


That just doesn’t happen, or it’s rare as hens teeth.

Network Marketing or MLM is HARD WORK.
It’s a job just like any other.
In fact.
If you really want to go far and do great things then the first 5 years…
YES I said 5 years…
It can be even harder than a traditional job.

If you want to build a sustainable residual income business you’ve got to do the hard yards.
You’ve got to stick with it when your family & friends don’t support you.
You’ve got to have skin like a Rhino at times and most of all

You’ve got to keep going when other’s stop or switch and swap.

5 Simple Things you can do to help you succeed

Let’s talk about #5.
I make lists all the time, I find it gives me tangible items to look at and tick off.
That ticking off gives you a great deal of satisfaction and a sense of achievement.
My lists consist of things I NEED to do every day.
Follow Ups
How many new friends I want to make today
People that I spoke with a week/month ago that it’s time to converse with again.
Social Media Posts you want to make today
Daily Personal Developtment (yes I really do read or listen to something every day that either teaches me something or inspires me. (I will make some lists for you all soon)

AND I even list things to get done around the house (dinner, cleaning)
I also include appointments, kids activities and anything else that I KNOW is happening on a given day.
This last bit has really helped me see my time management.

Let me be honest my time management was crap, and it still often is but I know how to make myself aware and to get back on track
But we will save Time management for another post too.

That will do you for today.
I really hope you are finding some kind of value from my ravings.
Please leave a comment if you have anything to add or constructive crticism.

Next post coming SOON.

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