Day 26 of 30

For a whole host of reasons I decided to do this Whole30 journey.
I thought it would be harder..
I thought it would be easier…

It was so much more than I expected.

My main reasons for doing a Whole 30 was my health.

Health is everything

I was stagnant in my weight loss, a story we all hear quite often I know…
My lifestyle is healthy, we eat mostly food we grow ourselves here on the farm, this includes meat, veg and some fruit.
I am quite active, especially in the Winter months when I train for, umpire & play netball. I also LOOOOVE Yoga and practice almost daily at home.
Living on a farm I am pretty active outdoors quite a bit too.
I am not 100% sugar free but pretty much.
I found a wonderful Supplement that helps with all my injury aches & pains and tops my body up on what it doesn’t get from food.

So WHY was I unable to lose that last 10kg that I wanted?
I don’t even expect to get back to my pre-baby weight but that last 10kg would just make me so much healthier.

There had to be something hold me back and I knew it couldn’t hurt to do a Whole 30.

Side note, if you don’t know what a whole 30 is then all you have to do is google it or look for a # on Instagram or Facebook and you will open an endless book of posts & ideas.

So I am now at the end of day 26.
It has been a great journey, I even had a few friends join me which was just lovely.
I have missed only a couple of foods that I was not allowed to eat.
I did slip up a couple of times and this has already given me an idea of what could be causing my tummy troubles.
eg: bloating, feeling full after eating not much, not losing weight, and a few other things.

You sholdn’t need more hint than this….

So onwards an upwards.
After day 30 I will start the re-introduction phase and I am super excited to see what happens.

Stay tuned for all the details… ALL of them….

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