Let’s Snack

Do you?
Do you over do it?
You definitely should snack but do you know why..

Snacking keeps your body fueled for the day, it keeps your metabolism going and your body burning energy that you need to feel your best and even for your brain to work properly.


If you don’t watch what you are doing you can end up crossing that line between a snack and another meal.

So how do you know what’s too much?
What to eat?

It’s not that hard but here’s a little guide to help you out.

1 Snacks should be around 150-250 calories… yes I know I said that word… calories.. but they are the fuel that your body needs to function…. ENERGY.

2 Snacks need to be “GOOD” calories, NOT empty ones

What do I mean by “GOOD”
The best snacks are made up of lots of fiber and protein.
This helps you feel full (fiber)
And gives you slow release fuel (protein)

Here is a few ideas to get you started.

Just a few snack ideas.

.So dear friends, I really hope this has been of some value.

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