MORE than just Yoga

I have always loved Yoga.

BUT not all Yoga is created equal
AND not all Yoga is for all occasions

I needed and still need YOGA in my life though
for strength
for power
for flexibility
for relaxation
for ME.

Imagine my joy when I discovered Yogaburn…

My life changed.
My body changed… YES I tell you NO lies… it changed and fast.
My mindset changed…. so much for the better.

There is a variety of programs to choose from depending on your needs.

I began with the Yogaburn kickstart, it sounded just right, my body needed a kickstart for sure. PLUS my doctor says at my age I need to incorporate strength training more than cardio.
It’s got all the regular Yoga poses and flows but the lovely Zoe puts them together in a 12 week program that gradually progresses to build your stamina and strength, with her lovely voice and demonstrations I felt myself toning & tightening and getting stronger very quickly.

At the same time was offered to invest in the Yogaburn Monthly and I thought why the heck not…
This I found had more of a traditional feeling to it, but with Zoe’s amazing way of gradually building up your skill level, strength and flexibility it’s still very original and while relaxing I found I was working my body and becoming stronger.

With my body changing for the better, becoming more flexible, strong and clothes fitting me better I wasn’t sure I needed another of Zoe’s systems..

I just couldn’t resist the Total Body Challenge and I am so glad I didn’t.
Another layer of strength and lean muscle building was added by using the resistance band…
I never thought that 15 mins of working out could make my muscles hurt so much and create change in my body even more.

THEN came the one that all us ladies feel we need.
Trim Core Challenge YES, it’s a challenge but once again, a gradual build up of skills with strength, flexibility and more with Zoe’s lovely instruction and demonstration..
You just want to keep going to make her happy….

I didn’t stop there though, I have them all now and I actually use them all depending on my needs (see below for a full list)

If you aren’t really sure if a Yoga system is for you OR you can only afford to get one Yogaburn program (although I would recommend you get them all ).
BUT if you can only afford 1 then the Total Body Challenge OR the Trim Core Challenge would be a great place to start.

So let’s list them all out for you so you don’t miss anything…
These are all mailed anywhere in the world
AND most of them you also get immediate digital download so you can start before you DVD’s arrive.

Just click on the name of the program to see more about it and if you want to change your body, become stronger, more energetic and flexible then have a closer look.