My starting point

So don’t freak out, you might think I am oversharing but it’s something I do occasionally.

It’s not for everyone and certainly not for the feint hearted but here it is.

Day 1 of My QFIT challenge.

Day 1 Wednesday 24 July 2019

Alright, you might turn off, tune out and un-subscribe but THAT’S OK….

Not everyone chooses to share but I do.

Starting weight 83.6kg
I forgot to take my measurements but I will do that first thing in the morning and write them down for next update.

I have a pair of jeans that I can get on but NOT get done up so they are my first success marker as I move forward.

I started taking the QTrim and QAlign on Wednesday exactly as the bottles say.

So far i haven’t changed up my eating (it’s not terrible but could use a few tweaks).

The QFIT program was launched on Friday so I will be looking through there for some yummy recipes and possibly some workouts.

However, workouts aren’t my problem, I am pretty active day to day, especially on Thursdays and Saturdays for Netball.

I am hoping that the QAlign helps me heal from the inside with inflammation and that that’s what’s causing my ability to hang onto 5-10kgs that really should be gone by now.

So, watch my month and see how I go.

Some challenges to come I am sure but it’s exciting.

Leave a comment if you would like more information on the QFIT challenge or anything else you see here.
OR suggestions for what you would like to see in the future are always welcome.

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