OH WOW… I’m actually surprised

Sharing is caring right.

I showed you my “before” photo when I started the Challenge and that was taken exactly 3 weeks ago.

i thought it was time for a check in and I am super surprised to see this…

So I was hoping when I compared these photos that I would see some difference but WOW.
Just a side note, my scales have only moved 200g down.
BUT as you can see things HAVE changed dramatically and I FEEL better in my clothes already.

So what have I been doing differently?

Kind of nothing except taking the challenge products.

I haven’t changed my exercise habits.

I haven’t changed my eating habits.

IN FACT. I know that my eating has actually been a little worse lately .
SO imagine if I had been as good or better than usual, if I had used MORE of the amazing FREE recipes available…
IMAGINE if I had upped my exercise a little more and incorporated some of the workouts..

It’s still not too late to join me and give the challenge pack a go for yourself.

Just CONTACT ME to find out more

I would LOVE to help you achieve some health goals TODAY.

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