Part 2 – Let’s eat that Elephant

Remember you eat an Elephant one bite at a time… and its the same with a goal no matter how big or small.

So don’t get all worked up about how big your goals are, let’s just focus on one thing at a time.

Be smart but dont get too caught up.

Its really easy to set goals but even easier to not follow through. So I like to make sure when I have a goal I also follow a few simple steps to ensure I at least start on the path to success.

Let’s take my house for example…. it’s a great example of goal overwhelm.

I am freely admitting here and now that I am not a good housekeeper. I have a family who despite my constant nagging don’t often put things away.
AND I can admit, we have a fair bit of stuff crammed into our little 12 square house (yes much of it is my crafting supplies)

So being somewhat overwhelmed by it all I told myself enough… I can only do so much but I still have to do something.

One bite, one step one something at a time I work on my housework.

I sat down. Made a list (you will learn I love lists).

I listed the most basic of basics…. Rooms.

I divided them into days and there i had it.

Now our house is pretty small and I only have maximum 2 rooms per day and things got a whole lot LESS overwhelming.

Some weeks I mix it up and use the list of chores instead.. eg: Vacuuming, Dusting, bathroom, toilet etc.

In the end it’s how you break it down that matters. I find that somedays I even do an extra room because I have developed less fear of the process so I am getting more done.

I believe this is a great way to tackle any goal big or small.

Do you have a goal you need to break down into bite sized chunks?

Just do do that and then get started….

PART 3 to follow shortly.

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