Powder Recipe

Yaaaay, I hear you all shout..

It’s recipe time, just as I promised.

But WHY powder?
3 reasons.

  1. It’s super simple
  2. The ingredients are really easy to get
  3. They are also cheap to get.

I could also add it makes a great gift for someone having or has has a baby.
OR for the elderly.
(although we still use it in our house and we don’t fulfill any of those requirements)

It’s easy and it’s cheap.

2 things to note.

As discussed in the previous post Why not buy any oils
I only use top quality Essential oils for a few reasons.
For this purpose they are safe for topical use (with exception of a few oils that are NOT safe for use on the skin so please let me know if you have any questions about your chosen scent)

When I make this I mostly use Lavender Essential Oil because that’s what the family like best.
But you can feel free to mix it up.
Add some Camomile if it’s a bedtime thing for a super restful sleep
What about some Motivate or Citrus Bliss to get your going in your morning routine.
Serenity if you have or have had a stressful day
The list of ideas is endless.

I use the amazing doTerra Essential Oils just in case you were wondering.
If you would like to know more just get in touch using the “Contact Me” or leave a comment below

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