Serial class sign up

I’m being totally honest here.
I am a serial signer upperer (yes I really did just say that)

One of the parts of my Vision moving forward into the new decade is prioritising and being “Honest” and this was certainly something that needed address

I have signed up for dozens of free courses and barely actually done any of them.
This gets pretty overwhelming, I can’t keep track of what I have signed up for and when it is and what I’m supposed to do….


Stop Right Now

Part of the problem is that I see a free course, on any variety of subjects that interest me: Yoga, planning, audience building, business on social media and more.
I promptly sign up.. add it to my google calendar and then forget..

So what am I going to do about it you ask?

This is part of my Vision 2020 planning.

I started by making a list of all the classes I have signed up for that have yet to happen….

Making a list and checking it twice.

Next I sat down and looked at what I REALLY need to focus on.
Notice I use the word NEED.
No more willy-nilly here, I asked 2 questions.
Will it contribute to improve my personal life?
Will it contribute to improve my business?
If the answer isn’t an immediate YES then it doesn’t make it to the
UPCOMING course list.

Now I am left with a list, much shorter and what will hopefully be better priorities for classes moving forward.

I have been enjoying creating my 2020 vision moving into a brand new decade that I created a FREE 4 part newsletter to guide you through doing your own.

I would love for you to take advantage of it and create your own
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