Supplements, say whaaaaat..

A literal gazillion of us take supplements of one sort or another.

Yep I’m going there, you know I am talking to you.

You toddle off to the Pharmacy, buy those great Fish Oil tablets that are on sale, a great big container of them.

They’ll do the trick…. won’t they?
They are all the same anyway… aren’t they?

In the words of Meghan Trainor – NO..

Now I know you are skeptical but stick with me.

Why do you think they are so Cheap?
Why do you think you have to take so many?

But the others cost so much, are they really worth it?

Thank you Mr Jim Carrey – YES

You may not even realise your supplements aren’t really working.

Are you still feeling inflammation, aches and pains?
Maybe they’ve diminished a little but you still could feel better
Perhaps you are tired all the time and resort to sugar and caffeine to get through the day
Your children might need a little bit extra even though they eat and sleep really well
(this one is dear to my heart as my daughter absolutely does NOT cope with life without supplementation every single day)


Don’t be cheap with your health, I know it’s hard sometimes but if you are going to spend money, don’t just pee it all down the toilet 2 hours later

Holy Cow did I just go THERE???

You BET I did… Don’t pee your money down the toilet, because that’s what most people are doing until they

GET SERIOUS about their health.

Do some research..
Look up the word “Bioavailable”

That’s what makes some supplements king above others, what makes them a bit more expensive but SO very worth it.

I am willing to invest in mine and my families health.


Because in the long run I am saving money and living a better quality life.

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