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Thanks to the lovely Jennifer for this testimonial

We are so lucky to have found a remarkable company with remarkable products!!

?Just a little info on the vitamins I’m taking!! This stuff is mind blowing!!?It all started from one man’s desperate attempt to save his family from mental illness.

Bipolar illness ran through Tony Stephan’s family. 
?His wife committed suicide. (Her father took his life 16 years before her)
?His son was ill and had thoughts of murdering his friends and family. Diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder 1 with rapid cycling, same as his mother. 900 mg of Lithium per day and was still out of control. 
?His daughter also suffered from mood disorders and was institutionalized and highly medicated. She couldn’t function as a mom. 
? Another daughter was born with Autistic Spectrum Features 
? Another son was diagnosed Hypomanic at the age of 16
? Another daughter was diagnosed Major Depressive Disorder with Fibromyalgia 
? Another daughter was diagnosed at age 11 with Schizophrenia

{Medications were not helping.}

? Then he learned how pigs were being successfully supported by minerals and vitamins against tail and ear biting disorder. {A nervous disorder in confined pigs}

?After giving his son a variation of these supplements…30 days later he no longer experienced any symptoms of Bipolar Affective Disorder.

For 20 years now his children have never had to go back to suffering from these terrible diseases. They have been well all of these years! ?

There is HOPE! A Godsend to his family and children. ??

?These stories have been documented by Discovery Health. 
{Ask me for the link}

The most studied micronutrient in the ? 
?28 medical journal publications and 10 reviews. 
(Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial for ADHD and Depressive symptoms; 47.6% were “much” to “very much improved”)
? 34 Third party clinical studies
{Currently being studied by Harvard Medical School for brain health; chemo brain; Alzheimer’s; brain trauma} 
? A doctor at Harvard found that these micronutrients showed 19 out of 22 patients with Bipolar Disorder had a positive response. 
⚖️ Proven in Court, Endorsed and Approved by the courts
??‍⚕️Proven in Practice…200,000 people that are in the data base.

?Autism Studies by Bonnie Kaplan PhD showed significant improvements in behavioral and speaking abilities in children. Which I have witnessed first hand with my own son!! ?‍♀️?‍?‍?‍?

?You’re hitting every nutrient deficiency with this micronutrient product that Tony formulated to help his family.

? Critical ratios and balance were met for uptake for optimal results.

? Chelation Complexing was optimized for maximum absorption to the cellular level.

? Micronization over a 96 hour period for maximum absorption and uptake factor.

? Fully Methylated for those with the MTHFR gene mutation.

“Make no mistake, this is a historically significant piece of work that is being made.”—Charles Popper MD

“Redefining how we think about mental illness.”— Bonnie Kaplan, PhD

If you have one of these…?
You need to be taking these micronutrients!!

??‍♀️??‍♂️You have the opportunity to reverse any damage that has been done or being done to your brain!

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