Today the BTC Begins

Today is the day.

Let the Body Transformation Challenge BEGIN....

I am so ready for everything that’s about to go down.
Sharing, Motivation, getting healthy with a whole bunch of like-minded people.
Recipes, nutrition guidance, Fitness tips for ANYONE and EVERYONE.
This is going to be EPIC.

And in that spirit, if you know me, you know I’m not afraid to share ME.

SO here is my “before” photo.
Taken fresh this morning.
Let’s get real guys, NO-ONE is perfect so I’m willing to share the real raw me to try to encourage YOU to be OK with yourself too.
YES there are things that I would like to change a little, some of them I can and some of them I can’t.
(oh and it’s only been 2 weeks since my gallbladder removal)
I am doing this challenge because it’s a safe way to get healthier, lose a little weight and help others

Want to join me on my 6 week Body Transformation Challenge journey?

It’s not too late there is 48 hours left to register for this round,
Just   CONTACT ME  and I’ll get you in the door.

AND you get my BONUS Health and Fitness Tracker.

Exclusive to Naturally Bec.

Still on the fence? That’s OK, contact me anyway and we can have a casual chat about your health needs

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