Top 3 Winter Hydration Tips

Yes they may sound so simple you are rolling your eyes at me.

BUT who actually puts thought into them?

Most of us forget and then wonder WHY we have drier skin in the winter.

So here are my top 3 Winter Hydration Tips

TOP 3 Winter Hydration Tips

Drink your daily Water Requirement

Many people think that because it’s cooler your body doesn’t need as much water.
You are only a teeny bit right though.
Your body needs 6-8 glasses of water a day EVEN when it’s cool outside, this is the MINIMUM required to replenish what your body loses through natural elimination.
In the warmer months if you are sweating more you should actually be drinking MORE.

Don’t have your Shower/Bath/Handwash water too hot

This is something we are ALL guilty of, it’s so cold and you want to warm up, even if it’s just while washing your hands.
DON”T do it, if at all possible.
You are washing away your bodies valuable oils that work to protect and hydrate your skin.
They protect your skin from the environment both natural and man-made.

Moisturise from the outside

Even if you drink your allocated water and do your best to have a reasonable temperature wash, your skin will probably need MORE moisture from the outside.
You will probably find you are using a heavier moisturiser AND possibly more of it.


It’s all about the environment we live in during the Winter.
We drive around in cars with heaters blasting, or on public transport with the same.
Our houses and workplaces are more heavily heated too.

This leads to moisture loss from the outside, through the skin.

SO.. what do you need to do?

Follow these 3 basic steps, you still might find your skin feels drier.

I know I always feel SUPER dry in the winter but i.

  1. Fill up my 1 liter water bottle and try to drink 2 of them a day.
  2. Make a conscious decision to NOT turn up the hot water.
  3. Re-assess my skin care regiment in the winter and use more/heavier moisturisers
  4. Apply moisture to my skin throughout the day (yes I mean my face). I have a really great Moisture mist that I use and it saves me.

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