WHY not just buy any old Oils?

You have the choice, there are plenty of bottles of so called “Essential Oils” out there that won’t cost you as much.
They are so much cheaper and you say to yourself
“Why on earth would I pay $40 for a bottle when I can get one for $20….

I can tell you why….

If you have quality essential oils…
And really you should.
(I know some people balk at the cost of buying high quality oils.)
You end up with the following benefits & MORE

1. You use LESS – this means – Better value drop per drop.
2. They are safe to be used in more ways than just to make the air smell good.
3. They are safer for you – even when you are just using them to make the air smell pretty.

BUT WHY do the good ones cost more I hear you ask?

Many reasons
1. Growing that create better quality plants, also the relationship that the company has with the grower.
2. Distilling that leaves the oils as pure as possible thus making them more effective.
3. Testing, Bottling & Labelling systems that mean you know they are careful about what is bottled, how it is bottled & presented so you know exactly what you are getting.
4. Expiry Date… WHAAAAAAT?????
100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils do not expire. Essential oils laden with chemicals and carrier oils do. If there is an expiration date on an oil you are picking up, put it right back down and walk away. The cheaper the oil, the more likely it will have an expiration date.

Bearing in mind this is just a simple overview, I am not an expert and there is much more information that I could “bombard you with”.

There you go, hope that’s a little bit helpful.

I personally use Top Shelf Essential oils.
I will expand more on what I use and WHY in my next post.

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