WELCOME to Naturally Bec.

I’m so glad you are here.

I’m Bec and I want to share so much with you and hopefully add some much  needed friendship to our lives.

EVERYONE HAS been going through ALOT the last few years and if you are anything like me it hasn’t all been about that “C” word.

A favourite pic of the kids & I

This is my family & I... right before one of the biggest events of our lives, it has changed us so much and still continues to affect us as I refresh this page EXACTLY 2 years today.

That date was 4 January 2020.

Here in this space I want to share with you my Middle Aged Mum Life. Being a Farmers Wife, part time Barista….

But also I want to dig into some things that might touch a nerve with you and possibly talking about them might stop us from feeling like we are all alone in this…

  • How I often feel lonely
  • How I often feel sad
  • How I have been trying for “years” to figure out why the heck I can’t lose that last bit weight and keep it off.
  • How in Feb 2020 I had my Gallbladder out and now I can’t sing anymore
  • How that fact alone nearly breaks me sometimes.
  • How since that I’ve been steadily gaining weight no matter what I do, how healthy I eat or how active I am.
  • And more….

I’d love to hear from any of you, anytime, especially if any of my writings resonate with you or if you have any suggestions about things I can talk about.

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